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Canadian Activity Pad – Facts and Puzzles

SKU 9781487610500

The Fun Canadian Facts and Puzzles Activity Pad

Where can you find a landing pad for UFOs?

Who composed the music for “O Canada”?

Why is Yukon known as the Land of the Midnight Sun?

When did Vikings settle in Canada?

Want to discover the answers to these questions and hundreds of other facts? Join Alex, Maya, Mom, Dad, and their dog, Maple, on their trivia journey across Canada. Visit many exciting places with them as they enjoy unique cultural events and eat plenty of delicious food!

Plus, you can do lots of fun activities along the way – mazes, dot-to-dots, word searches, unscrambles, and more!

There’s so much to discover and learn about Canada – let the road trip begin!

  • 38 pages
  • 26 Discover topics on places and events in Canada
  • 5 regional pages with interesting facts about the provinces or territories in that region
  • 13 province and territory sections
  • Fun facts and activities on every page!
  • Lots of colourful photographs and illustrations
  • Word scrambles, line mazes, matching, dot-to-dots, and other fun activities
  • Answer pages