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Jumbo Floor Puzzle - In My Room

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Final Clearance Extra Large Puzzle - The Learning Journey 

  • 50 piece puzzle
  • Extra Large Puzzle Measures 3 ft by 2 ft
  • Product Dimension : 91.44 x 0.41 x 60.96 cm
  • Weight: 0.7031 kg
  • Ages 3+ years

 Jigsaws puzzles are an amazing tool to help children develop problem solving skills. Kids of all ages will love this jumbo puzzle featuring a bright and colorful bedroom with objects they will recognize and aspire to have like a dreamy bed, elegant wardrobe and amusing toys. After putting the puzzle together, they will enjoy searching for their favorite playthings. This fun, colorful illustration will have your little one daydreaming!

 ENCOURAGE OBSERVATION & CONVERSATION SKILLS – Children will love the relatable theme of this exciting puzzle. The bright illustrations provide a range of talking points to keep even young learners motivated and hone their attention to detail, boosting observational skills

INCREASE CONCENTRATION & FOCUS – The puzzle encourages the child to build up concentration as they work to complete the puzzle and discover each new illustration. Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to improve a child’s ability to focus on a task to completion.

DEVELOP PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS – Working out which piece goes where is a wonderful way to develop problem-solving skills. Using trial and error, with the pictures to guide them, children will work out new techniques for solving the puzzle. These problem-solving skills will help them as they undertake other tasks.

BOOST SELF-ESTEEM & CONFIDENCE – Completing a puzzle, either together with an adult or independently, gives a child a sense of achievement that provides them with a healthy boost to their self-esteem. Learning new skills is a great way to increase a child’s sense of self-esteem.

SKU# 657092436233

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